We’re fed-up with the constant drivel spewed from the mouths of media and so-called experts that seems intent upon persuading us that there is something wrong with us, and we need counseling or medication – probably long-term — to put things right… Or rather simpluy keeps us going whsilst NEVER fixing the probelm!

Indeed it seems that the collusion of medical advisors with the pharmaceutical industry (indeed the medical fraternity are but puppets of the latter!) has recognized that there is no money in curing people, so the best policy is to ensure the need for those whom they can convince areĀ  ‘ill’ to stay on costly medication for as long as possible, usually in aid of ameliorating some symptoms but God forbid they should acidentally cure anything and stop the cash flow!

In fact there is a seemingly concerted effort to invent new and ever-more-ludicrous health issues (to whit Orthorexia nervosa!) diseases, conditions and syndromes (which are are popular as they can have a range of symptoms yet never be pinned down enough actually ever to cure) which theycan then provide pills and potions for that frequently casuse more problems via side-effects than the very issues they are supposed to solve!

  • We say — remember who is truly responsible for YOUR health… YOU!
  • We say stop abidicating that responsibilty!
  • We say reclaim your health and tell the biased, profiteering pharmaceutical industry — andits minions — to get lost!
  • We say — remember that (1) You are what you eat (2) Exercise is essential (3) Stress is a killer –

So –

  1. Eat only fresh wholesome food… preferably bought local from organic farmers whenever possible…
  2. Never touch GM food, try to avoid any ready-made, processed or fast foods.
  3. Drink water that is as ‘untainted’ as possible — avoid flouridated water like the plague!
  4. Do some exercise to get your heart pumping every day and help to clear toxins out of your system.
  5. Learn to relax effectively, and
  6. Try to breathe in an efficient and an optimally oxygenating manner…

And tell Big-Pharma to get stuffed!

Good luck and don’t be drawn in to misguided thinking that you are what ails you!

Good health!